Keeping A Diary

When you have worked for a London escorts agency for a long time, it can be hard to let go. Some things are harder to let go of than others. As I was packing up the contents of my London escorts boudoir in the twilight, I was beginning to find it hard to let go of certain things. For instance, what should I do with my vase of peacock feathers? I had them for such a long time, and they had been used more than ones. Over the time of my London escorts career, they had sort of become treasured possessions. Maybe one of the other girls could do with them… 


One of the things that I found most difficult to let go of was my London escorts diary. It had taken pride of place on my entrance hall table for a very long time. Like other London escorts, I had filled it full with essential contacts and the name and phone numbers of my favorite dates. It was packed with favorite gents and memories. It had been an essential part of my life ever since I had joined the London escorts, and I was not sure that I wanted to let go of it. 


I went into the kitchen, got a champagne bottle out of the fridge and poured myself a glass. It was rather a chilly late afternoon and I could feel the early winter cold. I sat down in front of the fire, and started to read through my London escorts diary. It was easy to remember the names and attach a face to them. As I sat there reading my diary, I realised that letting go of many of my London escorts date was going to be harder to do than I thought. I was going to miss many of them. 


What were they up to now? Sometimes you only date a gent a couple of times and then you never see him again. That is one of the problems with working for London escorts. You start to wonder what happens to them and where they go. It is part of working for London escorts, but that does not make it any easier. When you are fond of a gentleman, you very much like to hang on to him. That was the main thought that passed through my mind that early evening. 


Should I burn my London escorts diary? I knew that it was unlikely that I would come back to London and work for a charlotte London escorts agency again. Over the last couple of months I had planned out the rest of my life and it did not involve working for a London escorts agency. Although I had really enjoyed it, I was not sure that I would ever go back to it. Slowly I closed my London escorts diary and moved closer to the fire. Maybe it was best to let it go to make sure that none of those names and telephone numbers do not end up in the wrong hands.