Want better sex? Play the music loud tonight

Want better action between the sheets tonight? Increase the volume of your favourite number and reap the results as the loud sound will ensure your way to better and steamier sex, an interesting study has revealed. To reach this conclusion, audio hardware …

How To Have Better Sex At Every Decade

A sparkling sex life is something we’d all like to have, regardless of age. But as today’s leading physicians and sex researchers are discovering, there’s a profound link between the female libido and the constantly fluctuating hormones her ovaries produce.

Yoga Moves for Better Sex

Steamy, sweaty, and fun: Does that sound more like your workout or your sex life? How about both? That’s the idea behind one of 305 Fitness’s new classes, Yoga 4 Better X. Each class will have a specific focus based on things like a sense, body part, or …

Consent makes you better at sex

Never take sex advice from George Lawlor. The 19-year-old Warwick University student made headlines in October when, after receiving a Facebook invite to a campus event titled “I Heart Consent,” he wrote an essay for The Tab Warwick about why he didn’t …

What You Need To Know About Sex

When couples have been together for a while, things can start to fizz out in the bedroom. Sex can become more of a chore than an act of love, passion, and pleasure. When things start to feel less exciting, there are a few things that you can do to make sex more exciting and pleasurable for both parties.

Talk to Each Other

One of the reasons you are not feeling satisfied in bed could be because your partner doesn’t know what you want. You should understand that your partner is not a mind reader. If you sit down and have a conversation about what you both want in bed, things can start to heat up.

Try Different Positions

When sex becomes a chore, chances are you are doing it in missionary style, just to get things over with. If you want to make sex more exciting, try different positions. There are a variety of positions that you can try that are exciting. If your partner is always on top, you should try it yourself. If you don’t know much about different positions, there are a variety of sex manuals that you can read.

Be Spontaneous

Many couples who are together for a while start to schedule sex. It is a good way to make sure that the intimacy still exists, even if there is no passion. One great way to spice things up in the bedroom is to be more spontaneous. Wake your partner up in the middle of the night for sex. Rather than sitting together watching television, drag your partner to the bedroom and throw them down on the bed. When things become more spontaneous, the passion will come back.


There is nothing wrong with acting out your fantasies with your partner. It is actually healthy. You should each choose a night where each of your fantasies get fulfilled. As long as you are safe, it can be a great way to heat things up in the bedroom.

The Dangers of Having Sex With Multiple Partners

If you are sexually active and single, it is important to understand the risks involved with having several sexual partners. The biggest risk is contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Even if you use a condom, there is still a chance that you could contract a disease. The condom could break, making it possible to contract your partner’s disease. There are some sexually transmitted diseases which cannot be prevented without a condom, such as genital herpes. You never know who your partner has been with and what that person has. If you are single and want to have sex, it is a good idea to stick with just one partner, and always use protection.

Can Too Much Sex Effect Your Overall Health?

Believe it or not, but having too much sex can cause health issues. When you have sex, the bacteria from your vagina gets rubbed into the urethra, and it then travels to the bladder. When you have a great deal of sex in a short amount of time, you are much more susceptible to and infection. If you are a man who doesn’t use condoms, you risk having some of this bacteria get into your own body. Also, too much sex can lead to painful chafing.

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