Eat Your Way To Better Sex

There are a lot of good foods that can get your motor running. “You can absolutely eat your way to better sex,” declares Lynn Edlen-Nezin, a clinical health psychologist who co-wrote the book “Great Food, Great Sex: The Three Food Factors for Sexual …

Healthwise: Secrets from sex therapists

Or you wish you and your partner had more sex, less sex, or better sex. Most people face one or more of these issues at some point, but figuring out how to cope isn’t always easy. Most of these common problems boil down to one thing: poor communication.

Want better sex? Play the music loud tonight

Want better action between the sheets tonight? Increase the volume of your favourite number and reap the results as the loud sound will ensure your way to better and steamier sex, an interesting study has revealed. To reach this conclusion, audio hardware …

How To Have Better Sex At Every Decade

A sparkling sex life is something we’d all like to have, regardless of age. But as today’s leading physicians and sex researchers are discovering, there’s a profound link between the female libido and the constantly fluctuating hormones her ovaries produce.

Yoga Moves for Better Sex

Steamy, sweaty, and fun: Does that sound more like your workout or your sex life? How about both? That’s the idea behind one of 305 Fitness’s new classes, Yoga 4 Better X. Each class will have a specific focus based on things like a sense, body part, or …